Bri Munn heads the team at Ashleigh and is joined by Ivan's grandson James Rapley and long time employee Ross Tout. James has been working for Senga and Ivan since he finished school in 2014 and is proving to be an invaluable part of the team.

Mia Cat Dancer

Anna, Katrina and James leading mares and foals up the main driveway.


Roomy stables with rubber walls will give your horse the comfort and safety it needs.

Anna and Katrina Wilson along with James Rapley attend a daytime foaling on the farm.

Mares and Foals
Ashleigh (3)

Pictured above are farm clients Catherine and Barney Remond chatting to Senga at the Inglis Broodmare Sale.

On the right is Katrina Wilson, another valued employee, photographed parading one of the Broodmares at the Inglis Sale.

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Anna and Katrina leading a mare and foal in from the paddock. All the foals on Ashleigh are handled and taught to lead along side their mothers from day one. This makes them easy to handle and manage for the rest of their time on the farm.

The large paddocks and yearling runs feature horse safe fencing and well maintained lush green pasture with natural shade.


Where winning Starts!

The main focus of Ashleigh Thoroughbreds is to produce racehorses that perform. Our proven record on the racetrack and at the yearling sales speaks for itself. It really is horse heaven.


Ashleigh Thoroughbreds

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